CDD Check Connect

The Global KYC/KYB Shared Utility

Secure compliance information sharing is now a reality! CDD Check Connect is an innovative and secure information sharing utility that enables financial services providers of all types to verify and validate customer and client information, all while maintaining appropriate privacy and security protocols.

CDD Check Connect can be used to validate global legal entity identifiers (LEIs).

  • Verify and validate customer and client compliance information to streamline onboarding and KYC/KYB verification.
  • Strengthen your Customer Information Program (CIP) with FinClusive’s growing KYC/KYB utility.
  • Reduce costly redundant checks while protecting privacy and sensitive personal and entity identifying information (PII/EII).

Eliminate redundancy through a shared and secure KYC/KYB Utility!

CDD Check Connect provides near-instant client verification, including their KYC/KYB results and status; FinClusive can also issue and/or validate global legal entity identifiers (LEIs) for our customers and clients.

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CDD Check Connect is designed for


FinClusive CaaS customers can share results of their clients’ compliance verifications attached to a uniquely assigned FinCID.

ExamplesAnchors transacting in a particular blockchain network; Financial institutions that are frequent or regular correspondents; Service providers with multiple onboarding gateways; Association-based FIs such as Credit Unions, and community-based financial cooperatives.

Out of Network

Third-party providers and intermediaries can validate customers' and counterparties' compliance results instantaneously by querying CDD Check Connect.

ExamplesBank/non-bank FIs with multiple counterparties already run through KYC/KYB; Correspondent banking activities; MSB/MTO agent networks or payments corridors.

Regulators & Law Enforcement

Query compliance results and/or access underlying PII and EII or other sensitive client or transaction data in support of bona fide investigations or official queries (314b).

ExamplesJurisdictional regulators and investigative authorities making official requests related to customer/client backgrounds and/or transaction activities.