FinClusive ID (FinCID) & Verifiable Credentials

Compliance-backed Identity Credentials - the Gateway to Equitable Financial Access

Secure digital verification for clients and counterparties is invaluable in today's globalized, web-based financial services environment. Share identity credentials without compromising personal information!





User Controlled


Embedded privacy protection (PII/EII)

Introducing FinClusive ID - FinCID

All FinClusive customers and their clients are issued a unique FinClusive ID (FinCID) as a portable, user-owned KYC/KYB credential. This is a sanctioned ID that allows others to verify and validate clients, without redundant KYC/KYB processes or disclosure of sensitive personal/entity identifying information (PII/EII). FinCIDs are a part of the verifiable credential schema and represent an identifier in the FinClusive platform for accessing KYC/KYB results, ongoing monitoring, and revalidation data.

The FinCID provides an efficient and secure way to build digital attestation, ensure they have the appropriate level of background checks (KYC/KYB), and ensure their financial services providers and counterparties know they are who they say they are — all while protecting privacy.

With FinCIDs, users can be immediately verified through FinClusive's CDD Check Connect utility OR be provisioned their FinCID to their digital wallet. Users can permission their FinCID to other verifiers who need to ensure they have the essential compliance and background checks.