About Us

Modernizing financial crimes compliance (FCC) in a new era of financial services

FinClusive's revolutionary approach provides a single orchestration of global financial crimes compliance (FCC) tools for any company engaged in financial services or in need of automated due diligence, monitoring, digital identity credentials and verification of one's counterparties, clients and stakeholders.

FinClusive's services empower:

  • Traditional and alternative financial services providers (including Defi applications, P2P platforms, 3rd party payment processors, fintechs and virtual asset service providers).
  • Financial intermediaries serving de-risked, unbanked, underbanked or poorly banked constituents.
  • Financial services and organizations perceived as 'high-compliance risk' (including marketplaces and crowdfunding)
  • International organizations and corporates with diverse or global networks, suppliers, counterparties and vendors.