Compliance as a Service

Know Your Customers and Counterparties

Enable your organization with an automated, full-stack, and global financial crimes compliance (FCC) solution

  • Single FCC workflow and orchestration layer integrating hundreds of data sources, due diligence providers, and analytics tools.
  • Global know-your-customer/business (KYC/KYB) coverage with essential identity validation and selfie/liveness/biometric checks, and access to global business registries to cover legal entities, beneficial owners, and control parties.
  • Issue and/or validate digital identity credentials backed by our KYC/KYB engine and across different client-risk profiles.
  • 500+ integrated global sanctions, watchlist, criminal background, and PEP screens.
  • Transaction monitoring tools and anti-fraud controls across all payment types and rails, from traditional fiat to virtual assets with essential know your token/wallet and other blockchain analytics tools.

Evaluate 'actual' vs 'perceived' risk.

Automate your compliance and meet growing regulatory demands while generating essential business intelligence on your customers' activities.

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Full-stack, One Work-Flow

We take care of the integrations and the contracts - you benefit from a comprehensive FCC orchestration platform that facilitates your AML/FCC needs that is fully API enabled with an easy-to-use web-based user interface.

One platform + one contract + one integration = efficiency, speed, and cost savings.

FinCID: Compliance-Backed Verifiable Credentials

All subjects are assigned a unique, transportable compliance-backed digital identity credential and FinClusive ID (FinCID). FinCIDs represent a clearly defined level of due diligence and risk profile and can be digitally verifiable as to that subject's KYC/KYB status, with ongoing monitoring and automated revalidation.

With CDD Check Connect, you can perform near-instant client verification as a shared utility. Clients can be delivered their digital identity credential directly to their wallets for sharing with others who need to verify them - securely and instantaneously.

Global KYB & Legal Entity Validation

With integrations with business intelligence aggregators and databases, as well as direct connections to corporate registries, legal entity verification and beneficial owners are fully covered.

As a certified GLEIF validation agent, FinClusive can issue legal entity identifiers (LEIs) globally for your organization and your entity clients.

Comprehensive Global Due Diligence

Perform essential customer due diligence (CDD) based on risk - from basic background checks and sanctions to enhanced (EDD) with thousands of data sources, and offline investigative resources in over 170 countries.

FinClusive can automate your customer information program (CIP) to meet multiple levels of compliance and regulatory needs.

Managed Services Support

FinClusive has a scalable and flexible pool of analysts available for support. Engage resources to manage your CaaS implementation or cover overflow volume, backlogs, transaction alert investigations, or reporting.

US-based and international support is available.

Compliance Built for the Future of Finance

CaaS is built to support a wide array of industries and comply with modern global FCC standards and best practices in an increasingly cross-border, decentralized, and peer-to-peer financial services environment.

Non-bank Financial Institutions and Networks

Money remitters, payment processors, crowdfunding, marketplaces, asset management, and insurance companies

Corporates / Institutions

Corporates (especially with global supply chains/counterparties), small/medium enterprises, healthcare, consultants, nonprofits, and NGOs/IGOs

Traditional Banks and Deposit Institutions

Local and regional banks, credit unions, trust companies, international correspondent banks, and community development finance institutions (CDFIs)

Start-ups and emerging technology companies

Financial technologies (Fintech), virtual asset service providers (VASPs), exchanges, peer-to-peer (p2p) payments, neo banks, decentralized financial services, and blockchain-enabled payment networks